Friday, October 30, 2009

Internet addresses set for change. BBC News

The internet regulator has approved plans to allow non-Latin-script web addresses, in a move that is set to transform the online world.

The board of Icann voted at its annual meeting in Seoul to allow domain names in Arabic, Chinese and other scripts.

More than half of the 1.6 billion people who use the internet speak languages with non-Latin scripts. It is being described as the biggest change to the way the internet works since it was created 40 years ago.
The first Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs) could be in use next year.

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नेपालमै सोलार कार

दीलिप पौडेल, बाग्लुङ,कात्तिक ११-

बाग्लुङस्थित अमृत आदर्श उच्च माविमा कक्षा १० मा अध्ययनरत १६ वर्षका कुशल केसीले सम्भवतः देशमै पहिलोपल्ट सोलारबाट चल्ने कार बनाएर गुडाएका छन्। उनले न कुनै तालिम लिएका छन्, न कुनै वैज्ञानिक वा प्राविधिकको सहयोग। उनले आफैं दिमाग लगाएर सोलारबाट चल्ने कार बनाएका हुन्।

पूरा पढ्नुहोस

About this journey: The beginning

I am studying at School of Renewable Energy Technology (SERT), Naresuan University, Phitsanulok, Thailand. After finishing my semester exams of the 1st semester last month, I traveled to some parts of Thailand and also to the capital city of Laos. I also started to think about my topic for my dissertation. I started searching relevant articles published in different journals/ periodicals, mainly in Science Direct.

After starting my studies at SERT, "facebooking" has become my number one hobby. It provides me platform to interact with a lot of friends and acquaintances at one go and gives me opportunity to learn something as well.
Recently, I see many friends doing "blogging". It seems like that blogging is a good way to share about own experiences, interests, feelings etc. with the rest of the world. So, today I decided to start blogging. Let's see how the journey moves ahead!!